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Check the Schedules for Updates
The upcoming 2023-2024 Schedule will be posted soon

Updated on 07/25/2023 @ 10:00 PM

Admissions to all Host Sites
$6/person, $12/Immediate Family, 6 & under - No charge

Immediate Family is Mother, Father & Siblings Only

Players & Two (2) Coaches - No Charge

One (1) Cheer Coach & Cheerleaders in Uniform - No Charge

Indy Hoops receives no Commission from Admissions or Concessions

All net revenue stays with the host sites.

Please view schedule below or log into the Exposure Events App

Search for Indy Hoops 2022-2023 on the Exposure Events App.

The Home team is the bottom team on the schedule.

If your team has a 1st round bye your team will not play on 2/12/23 except

2nd, 4B, 5B and 6B will play 1st & 2nd round games on 2/12/23.

Semi-Finals will be played on 2/19/23 all divisions.

Final 2 teams from each division will for the championship on 2/26/23.


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